Bulk-Buy Bargains

Please pay for your BBB items through PayPal or another online payment processor that will pay via email. If you like, we can invoice you the full amount of your order. You can message us through Facebook or email: wishpickleshop@gmail.com

Question: Do I need to have a reseller license to buy?
Answer: No. We act as a coordinator for these buys. Any sales tax or import fees the original seller charges are included in the price. If you resell the items, you will have to discuss how you should handle issues like taxes with your own accountant.  

Question: Are all of the buy-ins on your Bulk-Buy Bargains sites imported?
Answer: No. We actively seek out deals that require a minimum purchase for the best pricing, no matter where they are.  When we all buy-in together we get the same prices big stores get.

Question: What about the products for sale on this site?
Answer: These are the prices the products are sold for when we don’t have the same buying power as a group. If you miss out on a bulk buy, shop on India’s Earth Day and you’ll still get a good deal. Just not as good a deal as you would get in our Bulk-Buy Bargain groups.  

Thank you!

Northwoods Bulk-Buy Bargains
Kansas City Bulk-Buy Bargains
Bulk-Buy Bargains XXX (Adults Only)