Newsletter: Wish Pickle

Newsletter: Wish Pickle

We are parents with active families and a passion for learning. We are driven to provide opportunities for kids to learn, grow, and create.

We believe words are packages for whole worlds of thought, and reading is the vehicle to travel there.

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Our goal is to publish books that are easy to read, create worksheets and games that are full of wholesome fun, and focus less on electronics and more on relationships and creativity.

What you can expect in our newsletters: Free worksheets, downloads, stories, and games! We will also introduce you to our newest books, products, and paid content.

What you won’t get in our newsletters: We promise to not exploit your trust in us. We won’t be marketing third-party products.

What does ‘Wish Pickle’ mean?

In Germany, there is a tradition of hiding a glass pickle ornament on the Christmas Tree. The child who finds it makes a wish that will be granted. This is just our fun way of promising interesting and playful ideas.